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2IIM's Mock CATs simulate the actual CAT in terms of:
1. Pattern - The Mocks are in the revised pattern, of 100 Questions in 170 Minutes.
2. Interface - 2IIM hosts its Mocks on the same interface that the CAT is hosted on.
3. Difficulty - All questions in 2IIM's Mock CAT series have been painstakingly constructed to fall within CAT difficulty.

12 Test Series

This is a series of 12 Online Mock CATs that can be taken at any time.

Price: Rs. 3,000/-

6 Test Series

This is a series of 6 Online Mock CATs that can be taken at any time.

Price: Rs. 1,600/-

2IIM's Philosophy on Mock CATs

2IIM's number one peeve regarding practice exams in India is the fact that our nation has come to believe that 'tough' is equivalent to 'good'. When it comes to mock CATs, this same problem persists. The leading providers, especially TIME and Career Launcher provide mock CATs that are often spectacularly tough. A great many of the questions seen in these mock exams are way tougher than what one will ever see in CAT.

We at 2IIM believe that the tests have to be representative. So, we worry about each question that goes into our mocks. Almost every single question that features in our mock CAT series falls within the range of difficulty seen in CAT.

The second important feature in our series is the attention we pay to the explanations. We provide solutions with extraordinary detail in a bid to get students ready for the real exam. To get an idea of how we provide the solutions feel free to visit our youtube channels - youtube.com/2iimcat for CAT Preparation Tips or youtube.com/QA4CAT for CAT level Quant Questions.

There are nearly 100 questions at the level of difficulty seen in CAT on these channels and going through these can be very instructive.

Recommended Viewing

Prior to taking the mock CATs, it might help to go through these videos that outline strategies for the CAT:

Best wishes for the CAT. We believe 2IIM offers the most representative test series in the country; and thanks to the detail in the analysis the most insightful one as well. Do not take our word for it, take a free mock CAT to see for yourself.


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